Hors d'oeuvres, crudités, sea bass and tuna carpaccio and fresh fish (from the morning's catch) are the most popular items on the menu. The mixed grills of strictly locally caught fish, selected from the seasonal market, are excellent. There is a large assortment of types of fish to be cooked by your chosen method: baked, salt-baked, grilled, baked in paper, with pasta ….and our aquarium always has lobster and crayfish to offer…

All meat served is purchased from our small family butcher.
Our speciality is the 500 gram T-bone steak served on a cutting-board with grilled vegetables.

All fresh pasta is exclusively home-made and can be savoured with delicious fish or meat sauces.
Seasonal dishes not featured on the menu, such as bean and pasta stew, pasta in broth and lasagna, are often available.

For those in a hurry
For those anxious to get back to the sunshine or the office, our tasty home-made "piadina" stuffed with the traditional delicacies is the ideal solution. Or a mouth-watering fresh salad will meet the needs of those with little time to spare who still demand a quality meal.

Desserts are all made by our pastry chef Andrea, from choice-quality fresh ingredients.